Ancient Egypt mirror costume

Touch of the ancient world for your event.

Show specifications

Show type: roaming – dance act

Costumes:  Mirrored costumes, made of black and gold polygons.

Number of performers: 1 – 3

History or present? If history is your answer, you are among those who presage that the past is an integral part of the present. And that is why we bring Ancient Egypt to you!

Let the legendary Anubis and our cats take you back to the times of old Egypt, full of myths and secrets, and experience the true adventure. Anubis – half-dog, half-man, was both a mysterious but also an attractive appearance to the Egyptians who cared for the souls of their loved ones in “the afterlife“. Besides that, he was also associated with several stars.

The cat on the other hand was a symbol of a good, tender, and caring mother, the guardian of the family and her neighborhood. If you want to experience pleasant moments full of a harmonious and safe atmosphere, Ancient Egypt is the right choice for you.