Bird robot costume

Show specifications

Show type: roaming act

Costumes: Robotic birds,  the owl and an eagle. 2.5m high stilt walkers equipped with a high-quality sound system.

Number of performers: 1 – 2

If you want to enjoy guaranteed fun, you can hope for the MECH – WINGS show up at your place. This pair of robotic “birds” managed to escape from the laboratory of a crazy but incompetent and harmless scientist. These two birds called UNIT 1 and UNIT 2 are now wandering around the world, just in sake of not being trapped in the lab like unsuccessful inventions. Although they may appear dangerously at the first glance, in fact they are just as same as their creator – inept, clumsy and harmless. They are all scratched and worn out because they have already been to many places in the world. Do you want them to visit you?